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제목Sigfox Solution for the BMW dealer and workshop2020-01-03 10:03:58
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According to the elEconomista report, Sigfox and Efor announced a solution for the management and product tracking of Spain BMW dealer and workshop. 

This solution would expand worldwide from Spain.

For the core device of this solution, IeThings T10 from Korea suited perfectly as a tracker.

IeThings T10 is a tracker by using Sigfox technology, which sends information of product’s location and status by attaching it on the product. Also, 

the biggest strength of this tracker is that the battery lasts longer than other trackers, and it has a long life span.

IeThings T10 uses Seongji Industrial’s Sigfox module, SFM20R. SFM20R module is a high functioning module which also obtains Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 

GPS and accelerator.

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[ Seongji Industrial’s Sigfox Support : ]