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Quality / Reliability


We carry out quality control and reliability test for the best customer satisfaction.

All of us are trying to improve qualities of products, services and management of organization and task.

Seongji Industrial is establishing and operating an enterprise-wide quality management system at home and abroad for 100% customer satisfaction.
We are devoting ourselves to strategic planning for quality, planning, implementation and evaluation of quality, allocation of management resources, and all activities for this purpose.

Global Quality Control

Monitoring the self-process quality data of each production corporation

Regularly diagnosing and supporting the quality

Responding to local customers and securing the self-generation

CS Response Management

New product prior check system (PQCP)

Mass-produced product (DSQR)

Shipping quality assurance management system (SQCI)

Partner Management

Tight control of manufacturing processes (process map control)

Regular assessment of the 1st vendor quality system

Process quality output management with the information systems

The Need of Reliability Test

Seongji Industrial conducts reliability test to verify that components, products, systems, etc. maintain their original quality and performance without failures under given conditions for an intended period. Unlike quality control to be performed for checking defects before shipment. In other words, the test ensures that products don’t fail and maintain a certain life span. This is an essential process for improving customer satisfaction