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Certification / Patent


These are certificates and patents of Seongji Industrial.
Our efforts for technology innovation and environmental protection continue.

ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 14001 certificate

ISO 13485 certificate

CCC certificate

KS certificate


ISO 14001 certificate (SJT)

Function module with a communication module mounted on a substrate is an electronic device and its manufacturing method

Four-pole earphone device and a control method

Circuit supplying voltage contained in the terminal

Elevator monitoring video transmitting system, and method thereof

Switch control method for a four-pole earphone device

Antenna module

Elevator monitoring system, and method thereof for controlling a focus of transmitting light

Covering removal machine for electric wire

Wire cutting and armor removal apparatus of wire treatment device

Soldering apparatus of wire treatment device

Coking device for leading wire connection of electricity electron device

Disposable oxygen mask

USB hub can multi-charge mobile equipment

Apparatus for forming metal line pattern of touch screen (SJT)

Input apparatus for one body type touch screen comprising window (SJT)

Touch screen device (SJT)

Touch Screen Panel having minute pattern structure and Manufacturing Method of the same (SJT)

Several patents related to TV function modules & digital door-lock