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제목Tokyo International Airport announced to use IoT tracker of Sigfox2020-01-03 10:59:22
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According to the released article by KYOCERA Communication System LTD., Co (a.k.a. KCCS), Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal LTD (a.k.a. TIACT) and KCCS are going to use Sigfox’s IoT Tracker for management of the dolly in Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) on November 2019.

Currently, TIACT is facing a conflict in a lack of dollies, which is a large carrier for the container and pallet. Although TIACT attempted to apply various methods to practicalize location management service for the purpose of efficient operation of dolly, they experienced difficulties in terms of frequent battery replacement and connection error.

As a solution, TIACT is going to apply Sigfox’s IoT Tracker, which the battery lasts for more than a year and able to operate with a private network.

(link to the original report: 

(Image: Dolly with a Sigfox tracker) 

(Image: Dolly’s location by Sigfox Tracker)

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Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal LTD


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KYOCERA Communication System Ltd., Co





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