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IoT Devices
World Smarter

Core RF modules and IoT devices for power management, such as sensing, measuring, generating, interpreting, and connecting of data needed to apply IoT technology

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Touch Screen

Touch Screen to make people and digital information devices
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IT Product

Electronic components that transmit electrical signals and information to TVs, home appliances, and medical devices for normal operation
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Connecting Tomorrow

What we are..

The challenge of Seongji continues.

Good Partner

Seongji will open the affluent future that humans dream of by providing the best technology and perfect quality to our customers.


Global Network

As a general IT parts manufacturing company, Seongji operates eight overseas branches in the world targeting the global market.


The Main Value of Seongji

Perfect Quality

In order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we have built an enterprise-wide quality management system at domestic and overseas and are devoting ourselves to global quality management, CS response management, and partner company management.

Environmental Protection

We have established and operated the system that enables realtime monitoring of the environmental protection-related situations at the head office and global corporations in order to establish material and product verification standards and to proactively manage hazardous substances.

Customer Satisfaction

We develop products that customers want in time and produce products of perfect quality to provide the best satisfaction to our customers based on constant research and development.

Human Respect

We will continue to foster creative, challenging and future-oriented talented indivisuals and respect those who can share with people in need of help around.

Seongji’s Sharing,

Seongji shares the profits created as a result of management activities with society in need of help.