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IoT Devices
World Smarter

In order to apply a IoT technology,
these are necessary parts for sensing,
measurement, generation, interpretation,
connection of data and power management.
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Touch Screen

We manufacture parts of Touch Screen that allows to interact with a computer by touching areas on the screen, such as Touch Panel, Controller.
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IT Product

We produce the parts necessary to connect the home appliances with the digital network through information delivery and sharing between PC and each information appliance.
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A new technology
is harmony with people.

What we are..

The challenge of Seongji continues.

Good Partner

Based on respect and trust of our
customers, we will continue to
open up a rich future that humankind
dreams with the best technology and


Global Network

As a general IT parts manufacturing company, Seongji operates eight overseas branches in the world through building active global production organization targeting the world.


The Main Value of Seongji

Efforts to protect the environment

We are trying to minimize environmental damage by regulating and improving the use of substances that may have harmful effects on human health and the environment.

Environmental improvement strategy

We establish materials and product validation system, manage hazardous materials in advance. Also, all production corporations respond business in real time and acquire expertise through periodic training.

Quality Management

In order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we have built and operated an enterprise-wide quality management system at domestic and overseas. We are devoting ourselves to global quality management, CS response management, and partner company management.

Reliability Test

We conduct reliability tests so that after the product is shipped, the failure does not occur and the lifetime is constant, and so this leads to maximization of customer satisfaction.

Seongji’s Sharing,

Seognji is paying attention to both the profits generated by management activities and the interests of society, and we will become a company that fulfills its social responsibilities as well as plays a key role in economic development.