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Management Principles

Ethical Management

We are doing our best for fair and transparent management under the management philosophy of “We contribute to human society by creating the best products and services based on human resources and technology”.

Code of Ethics


The purpose of this regulation is to establish ethical corporate culture and to establish the necessary matters for transparent management and responsible management realization by compliance with all laws and regulations on the ethical basis of the employees(In this regulation, “employee” means all persons engaged in the relevant business.) of Seongji Industrial Co., Ltd(referred to as “the Company”).

[Object of Application]
① Employees shall comply strictly with the matters stipulated in these regulations.
② The Company shall establish and operate the organizations and systems necessary for ethical management and shall establish and enforce relevant internal regulations, as prescribed by these regulations.

[Transparent Management ]
① In respects for the right of all customers including domestic and foreign suppliers and traders, customers shall be provided with information that they need and need to know at all times, except for confidential matters determined by the company, such as trade secrets. Also, they shall be provided quickly, accurately, and easily to understand through various media such as internet.
② Customers shall be notified of the matters that need their attention for their interests and safety in order to make sure that they understand.
③ Employees shall explain the tenor and spirit of the Code of Ethics to customers and endeavor together to create a clean and transparent trading environment and to maintain fair trade order.
④ The Company shall not engage in any form of offense, such as tax evasion, accounting fraud or environmental pollution, of the customer company.

[Fair Trade]
① The principle of free democratic market economy order shall be followed and respected.
② Employees shall not engage in unfair trade practices such as collusion with competitors on production, price, bidding, and market segmentation.
③ Employees shall not use any advantageous position to make any kind of compensation or unreasonable demands to our customers and dealers.

[Prohibition on Discrimination]
The Company shall ensure that employees are not subjected to harassment or unlawful discrimination.
The Company shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, membership status, or marital status in employment practices such as employment, promotion, compensation and educational opportunities.

Basic Ethics of Employees

① All employees shall perform their duties legally and fairly in accordance with company regulations, transparently and rationally perform duties which are not prescribed by the company or whose regulations are unclear.
② Employees shall not engage in any act that is unlawful or grievous to society, such as giving a bribe to stakeholders regardless of the Company’s interests.
③ Employees shall not receive any form of economic benefit from stakeholders, such as money, entertainment, or convenience that may interfere with the fairness of judgments related to the performance of their duties. However, in case of inevitably receiving economic benefits from stakeholders, the Ethics Management Practice Guideline should be reported to and processed by the Ethics Management Bureau as determined by the Guidelines.

④ To maintain fairness in the performance of duties, the following actions shall not be taken.

1. Influence exercise over the selection of a business operated by you or your relative as a business partner
2. Joint investment, acquisition of common property or cash loan with interested parties
3. Private profit-making behavior using the job
4. Manipulating documents and counting
5. Interfering with other fair job performance
⑤ The Company property shall be used solely for the purpose of the company. It shall neither be used for the benefit of employees or third parties, nor be provided to third parties.
⑥ An immediate report shall be made to the Company and an appropriate action shall be taken if there is any possibility of or a possible occurrence of a material event that would cause damage to the Company’s property.
⑦ Confidential information of the Company shall be kept secure in accordance with the relevant regulations, and external disclosure of the Company information shall be approved by the Company in advance.
⑧ Employees shall keep the basic courtesies necessary for their work, and shall not engage in any conduct that is irreverent or libelous.
⑨ Employees shall not engage in the act of providing money and goods to each other. However, light gifts shall be made an exception within the scope permitted by social norm such as birthdays, congratulations and condolences.
⑩ In order to maintain a healthy organizational atmosphere, employees shall be prohibited from mutual financial transactions.
⑪ Any act that could cause sexual feelings to the other person in the workplace shall be prohibited.

Irregularity Report

It is handled in a covert manner, receiving a report on unfair business practices, unreasonable demand using positions of employees, or irregularity.
Your precious word is the cornerstone of transparent management.

Compensation for Reports of Irregularity

In order to enhance business transparency and to establish an ethical corporate culture, the Company operates an irregularity compensation system for irregularities that have made unfair profits related to external stakeholders, such as dealers, or for irregularities that have caused the company losses.
Types of Irregularities
  • Bribes (including money and goods) and entertainment from traders
  • Transactions between traders and employees
  • Disturbance, prerogative and equity investments of traders
  • Misappropriation, larceny and seeking personal profit of the Company public funds
  • Work discipline relevant facts
  • Leakage of the Company information and outflow of human resources
  • Other irregularities or corruptions cases

Report Irregularities